Protect your employees
and business in the new
COVID-19 world.

In these uncertain times, workplaces are changing. At Aveanna Healthcare, our goal is to help companies maintain workplace safety and avoid exposure to COVID-19 spread inside their facilities. As one of the nations leader’s in nursing and healthcare with over 30 years of providing quality care, we excel at attracting, hiring, and staffing nurses as company needs grow.

Wellness and Temperature Screenings

Temperature checks have proven to be an effective way to reduce exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace. The need for new health screenings has been brought into immediate focus, with recent clearances from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) allowing employers to now take temperatures of workers.

Performed correctly by trained staff, temperature checks can provide clear advantages to all types of businesses including:

The Power of People and Technology

  • Track Your Facility’s Safety

    We provide a record of screenings in case of the emergence of any positive cases. Our systems work to help you quickly enable contact tracing and limit exposure.

  • Vaccine and Immunization Solutions

    Aveanna Healthcare stands ready to help take all vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, to the public. Our access to nurses, staffing, and scalable infrastructure combines with our knowledge of the public and private sectors to provide an ideal solution.

How do you bring these screening measures to your workplace?

While the solution is clear, to implement these measures can be more difficult—that’s where Aveanna comes in. From consultations about protocols and procedures to 24/7 staffing of your facility, we’ll utilize decades of nursing experience and move quickly to meet your specific needs.

Protocols and Staffing Plans

Temperature screenings are recommended by the CDC and are mandated in certain states for employers of a certain size.

Protocols and staffing plans developed by Aveanna are specific for each clinic. Together with HR and business leaders, we’ll tailor a plan with minimal business interruption.

We ensure that:

We are available 24/7,
and we will
staff warehouse/manufacturing settings around the clock.

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